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Find yourself falling over every time you try to take a step in a pair of high heels? Well, Crystal Lee, the High Heel Coach of the Munroe Walk Workshop 101 Is ready to teach you how to walk in high heels.

 This high heel class is a group workshop that teaches women- how to walk in heels. At the Munroe Walk Workshop Heels Class, Crystal promises to fix common problems women face when walk in heels from improving balance to fixing posture to boosting confidence!

What You Will Learn 101:

  • How to Shop for Comfort Driven Designed Heels
  • Tips and Techniques to Avoid Pain in Heels 
  • Balance PLUS Strengthening Training in Heels
  • Poise & Posture Improvement in Heels
  • Basic Heel and Runway Walking in Heels Techniques
  • PLUS Confidence Building In Heels
  • How to Choose the Right Heels for Your Foot Type

Ready to Join The Best Heels Class Ever?!

It's time to transform your confidence, rhythm & Fierceness in High Heels!

Get the opportunity to have hands-on training with Crystal Lee in a beginner- friendly setting, learning heels techniques, walks, and posture & balance improvements +avoiding pain in heels demonstrations with a Q&A and one-on-one feedback.

Crystal Lee will accept 15 attendees per class. Do not recommend waiting until the last minute to buy ticket. Live stream link will be provided to every attendee.

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Here's your chance to FINALLY Learn How to Walk In Heels! The Munroe Walk Workshop 101 is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience created by High Heel Coach- Crystal Lee to teach you- How to Walk In Heels without struggle! This is not like your ordinary Heels Class, this is the BEST Heels Class!

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"Meet Crystal Lee" 

We were lucky to catch up with Crystal Lee recently and have shared our conversation below. Crystal, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. F...

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