How to Avoid Pain In Heels Webinar – Munroe Shoetique

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence when you put on your brand new pair of heels for the first time. There is also nothing quite like the existential dread you feel as you are hobbling around only one hour into the event wondering how on earth you are going to survive the day in these shoes because your feet are already throbbing.

Come hang out with your High Heel Coach, Crystal Lee, on her birthday - March 15th to Learn How to Avoid Pain in High Heels. This high heel workshop includes actionable tips and techniques that guarantee you a comfortable and lasting experience in high heels. You'll receive lifetime access to the Avoid Pain In Heels Webinar.

Put Your Best Fashion Foot Forward

How can you wear high heels without pain? Can you wear high heels comfortably? Is it some sorcery that only a few people possess? Can you train yourself to wear high heels?

Yes Girl!I have the answers for you! I will go through proven tips to reduce your foot pain, and explain why you are experiencing this pain at all. Register now to Learn How to Avoid Pain In Heels.

Most Common Reason For Foot Pain in Heels

Although there are several reasons that contribute to foot pain in high heels, the most common is: Wrong Shoe Size. Wearing the wrong shoe size compresses your foot into an uncomfortable position making it almost impossible to successfully walk in heels. 

Get ready to learn proven tips to help you wear high heels comfortably with my webinar.

How to Avoid Pain In Heels Webinar

What You Will Learn:

  • How to prevent pain in heels by improving: balance, posture, heel techniques
  • How to make heels wearable longer.
  • How to Relieve Pressure on Balls of Foot (bottom) and Achilles (back)
  • How to prevent corns, blisters bunions and other foot woes when wearing heels
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