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E-BOOKs by Crystal Lee

The purpose of E-Books are to simplify and enhance the overall learning experience for walking in heels correctly

Who Is Crystal Lee?

Crystal Lee is the esteemed CEO of The Munroe Shoetique Brand, High Heel Coach and Footwear Designer, who is known for her passingly- crated and timelessly- elegant silhouettes+ high heel coaching.

After sustaining third degree burns to her feet in 2017, she reached her goal to return to wearing high heels comfortably! In her books she guides you through techniques and demonstrations on how-to walk-in heels without struggle with good balance, posture and avoiding pain.

5 Tips to Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height

Crystal understands how important it is to have good balance to walk successfully in high heels! In her book, "5 Tips to Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height" she guides you through how to improve and maintain your motor skills (balance) with tips, demonstrations and exercises that keep your hips, knees, and ankles strong.


5 Steps to Fix Your Posture In Heels

Crystal understands the importance of having the proper posture in heels helps avoid pain to the balls of feet and body.  In her book, "5 Tips to Improve Posture In Heels" she guides you through how to ensure your weight is distributed evenly and steps you can take to place your body in an alignment where the stress in supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles is limited.



Can You Pass The Balance (Flamingo)Challenge in Heels🦩👠

At the Munroe Walk Workshop 101 Crystal coaches you with a balance training technique that helps practice having control over your body while standing in heels.The point of this technique is to help you with core stabilizing to help perfect your posture and improve coordination PLUS Confidence in high heels.

To do this: Grab a chair for support and safety and begin by: Lift 1 leg, after 8 seconds, switch to the other leg. Repeat 3 times. As your feet feel comfortable, add more seconds to the challenge.

3 Proven Ways to Make Heels More Comfortable Instantly

This free eBook has already helped thousands. Add this to your collection and start using this information to get closer to your goal to learn how to walk in heels correctly