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Learn How to Walk In Heels! 

Get started on your 2023 goals today! Even if you’re brand new to walking in high heels or haven’t actually purchase a pair yet. Let High Heel Coach- Crystal Lee, take you behind the curtain to show you the exact steps to stay comfortable, pain free and last longer in high heels at the Munroe Walk Workshop Heels Class Tour! 


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How-to walk-in heels in 15 Minutes from home is a game changer. This beginner high heel course is created to help people start on their goals to learn how-to walk-in heels successfully and with confidence. There is no better time to start on transitioning your fierceness in heels, so this course is equipping you with the tools you need to succeed with wearing high heels comfortably. Purchase your course today, and instantly get started with lifetime access.



Apply to be a part of Crystal’s EXCLUSIVE MENTORSHIP & accelerator coaching program. Designed to take the guesswork out of learning the skills and strategies to learn how to walk in heels without struggle with high level coaching, monthly webinars and more! 



Learn The Concepts of Walking In Heels With my E-BOOKS on: Balance Improvement, Fixing Posture and Avoiding Pain 

E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height
E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height
E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height
E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height
E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height
E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height

E- Book Improve Balance In Heels of Any Height


Master your walk in heels with our instant-download E-Book! Learn proven strategies to help you confidently strut while feeling beautiful and empowered. Step into newfound confidence with Crystal Lee, esteemed CEO of The Munroe Shoetique Brand, High Heel Coach, and Footwear Designer. After sustaining third-degree burns to her feet in 2017, she was determined to walk in heels with ease. Her book guides you through techniques and demonstrations, so you can rock those heels with great balance, posture, and no pain! Download now and have fabulous strut in heels in no time!

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" Currently creating the woman I want to be" 


Crystal Lee, The High Heel Coach

Get to know the esteemed CEO, High Heel Coach, Designer, who is known for her passingly- crafted and timelessly- elegant silhouettes + high heel coaching.

Just like most women- when I started wearing high heels I was purchasing heels by look rather than fit and comfort. Over the years of being in Shoe Retail I learned a lot of the pain and challenges we faced when wearing heels were due to our own mishaps. 

 I took these leads and created 2 things: 1# In 2019, The Munroe Walk Workshop 101 to coach women on how to wear high heels without struggle. 2# In 2020, collaboratively designed the MXM Shoe Collection.

The Munroe Walk Workshop 101 will transform your confidence, rhythm, and fierceness in heels with one of a kind framework on how-to walk-in heels correctly. My heels courses and workshops have helped impacted collectively 1000s of women understand that when it comes to the shoe retail you don’t have to settle for a cute shoe that hurts or a  ugly shoe that’s uncomfortable.
In Oct. 2020, I was able to expand the Munroe Walk Workshop to a digital program to teach women How-to Walk-in Heels- from Home. This provides the Munroe Walk Workshop community to take my heels class anywhere, at any time

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