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High Heels Mentorship Membership

Welcome to the High Heel Mentorship, a community-led program designed to teach you the learning skills and strategies to learn how-to walk-in high heels correctly in just 30 Days through multiple high level coaching sessions, done for you course planning and demonstrations.

The High Heel Mentorship program invites you to an all-access educational environment dedicated to improving your experience in high heels, helping women tap into game changing mindset work to boost confidence and a safe peer to peer community with women on a similar journey. Get exclusive access to resources, work with Crystal 1:1, and tools so you can learn and flourish at your own pace in high heels. Now is the best time to get started on your 2022 goals to learn how-to walk-in high heels!



  • High Level LIVE coaching sessions with me for sixty minutes
  • 101 Breakdown of the Munroe Walk Workshop E-Books on How-to Walk-in Heels Correctly
  • Selected for a 30 Minute Consultation Call with High Heel Coach Crystal Lee
  • Monthly Q&A Pick My Brain Webinar
  • Monthly Planner and Guide for Your Next Steps Planning Custom to Your Goals to Learn How to Walk in Heels
  • Access to Private Workshop Facebook Community
  • Advice & Support from Other Women on Similar Journeys
  •  Daily Tips, Gems, Resources, Tools, and Apps to Help Your Flourish

Crystal Lee Shares How She Build Confidence in Heels


Become apart of my exclusive High Heel Mentorship Program where I coach women on how to How-to Walk-in Heels correctly in 30 Days with accelerated heels classes, daily inspiration, actionable tips and demonstrations no matter where they are.




Here's what I want you to achieve with the High Heels Mentorship Membership Program

Owning a Room, You Walk Into

Imagine yourself commanding the attention and inspiring the trust with your confidence, openness, and versatility when you walk in a room. The biggest giveaway from a new in heels is- Lack of Confidence. I’ll coach you on how to channel your inner sex appeal, step outside of your comfort zone in heels. It’s important first that you KNOW you are worth the time and attention and 100% accept yourself for who you are

Wearing High Heels Without Pain

Imagine going from not wearing high heels at all to exclusively slipping on a pair of heels and feeling completely comfortable and confident throughout the day! Sometimes those shoes were not made for walking. I’m going to show you the EXACT techniques you need to be aware of from shoe shopping to walking that will ensure you’re wearing the perfect heel style for your occasion. 

Fierce Heel to Toe Formation

Imagine going from Bambi to Beyonce’! LOL! For real, that level of fierceness is where I am going to show you with the High Heel Mentorship Membership Program. We’re going to strut so casually and sexy by the end of the 4th week I n high heels- you’re going to stay ready for a stroll in your killer heels.


What is a Mentorship Membership Program? The purpose of the mentorship membership platform is to provide you with an exclusive accelerated educational experience to learn how to walk in high heels PLUS continuous opportunity to learn in the peer-to-peer community monthly.

Can I Use Shop Pay/ After Pay? Yes! Start now and pay later using Shop Pay.

When is the last date to join the mentorship program? Registration closes when we have reached our max number of mentees or on the 15th of every month.

Is this program for me? This is perfect for anyone who is ready to learn how-to walk-in heels correctly.

Can I stop at any time? Yes! You can stop attending the program at your convenience.


I don’t believe in making things any more complicated than is necessary or doing things that don’t generate a great return on time or energy.I follow a few simple guiding principles to help you get the best results ever, without feeling swamped by all the to-dos on your list.

80/20 RULE

You might find that 20% of your effort brings you 80% of your results…which is now making you question what on earth you’re doing with the other 80% of your time, right?

I believe that we must give ourselves, the life we want so I’m going to show you how to focus on your 2022 goals to learn how to walk in high heels, to keep you ahead of your next high heel occasion


I could reach out and hand you an entire done- for-you file of how-to walk-in heels right now… but if you don’t truly believe it's possible for you, then you won’t invest your time and energy into making it happen.


Half of the work to be done here is having faith in yourself to show up and do the work and being open to receiving what is available to you. Nothing stands between you and these goals you’re visualizing. You’re more than capable, you’re oh so ready and now it's time to step all the way up.