Munroe Walk Workshop Jamaica Heels Class – Munroe Shoetique
Join Ultimate Heels Class in Jamaica

Join High Heel Coach- Crystal Lee for the Munroe Walk Workshop Heels Class in Jamaica - Nov. 10th - Nov. 14th to take a break, to get rejuvenated, and refreshed while relaxing in a serene, beautiful setting perspectives and of course Learn How-to Walk-in Heels with Confidence!

Open to only 20 women, the Munroe Walk Workshop Heels Class in Jamaica is designed to help women celebrate, motivate and empower themselves and take charge of navigating their journey with a feminine presence. Specifically, Crystal Lee will personally mentor attendees, providing them with the necessary tools to help extend their confidence and courage building, while further developing their skills in high heels! All booking is handle by professional travel agent:  Angel Taylor with Winners Circle Travel LLC

We All Really Need a Vacation and Another Good Girl Time! 

About This Destination Heels Class:


You get a vacation on top of a fun, motivational and confidence building experience learning heel techniques, balance strengthening training, posture improvement PLUS avoiding pain in heels in a supportive environment

In this 120-minute heels class, you will learn: how to properly balance, position your posture and walk in high heels, learn a few sexy moves (perfect to take back to the room if Bae with you), and a heel technique to bond ... It’s going to be filled with so much fun and so empowering to help you get out of your comfort zone!

 Two Heels Class sessions open to 10 women each will be offer on one day: For the early birds, you’ll have the chance to kick off your day at the Munroe Walk Workshop with an AM session and if you rather sleep in on vacation, you can join the PM Heels Class session. The sooner you sign up the better chances you’ll join the Heels Class session time that works best for! On top of it, this destination heels class will be unique for this occasion. You just bring your high heels, and your High Heel Coach will do the rest!

- No high heel experience required.

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